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Campus 2 Corporate Program 2022 (C2C)

C2C - Freshers Training Program

Training Programs for Freshers / Fresh Graduates to accelerate the learning journey

Our Campus to Corporate (C2C) training program enhances the confidence of freshers/fresh graduates by offering soft skill training with the goal of empowering them with tools for refining their personal and professional excellence.

The Campus to Corporate Course is a specially aimed and designed program for management and engineering graduates, new joiners in an organization, to help them to make a smooth transition from the college campus to the corporate office. The program seeks to make the participants introspect, hone up their corporate skills, enjoy the fun-filled activities and gain knowledge and self-confidence.

The main objective is to build the character and competence of Indian Youth, by provide them guidance and training to choose their career and achieve the pinnacle of their professional success.

At the initial stage of a graduate, joining a company is manly to get a formal induction to the freshers who are just completed the graduation and into the window of corporate arena. A college campus is like opening the door to the entire world without traveling anywhere else and interacting with people from a variety of groups can widen your social circle by expanding the pool of people with whom you can associate and develop relationships.

Transition from campus to career needs more attention as it involves lot of planning to ensure that the person acquires the necessary skills to enable him/her to cope with the corporate culture and climate.

Just think of a scenario, where your conversations do not match to the corporate environment, it can be very embarrassing and demotivating the candidates.

The C2C course will ensure that the new joiners understand the requirements for Campus to Corporate transition and how it will help the candidates to understanding and practice attitude, behavior and skills needed for a corporate environment to proactively manage the transition from being a student to an employee by learning basic skills to manage time, by

  • Highly Experienced Trainers
  • Curriculum modeled on corporate induction programs
  • Updated Course Material
  • Skill certification
  • 100% placement support
  • 3 weeks/ 75 hours intensive coaching
  • Equivalent gaining of 1.5 / 2 years of work experience.
  • Post Training Assistance

Who will benefit?

B-Tech / Diploma / College Graduates and Postgraduates / Freshers /Job seekers.

The biggest challenge while transition from Campus 2 Corporate

Transition is an on-going process in everyone’s life that takes place at different stages, like from the final years of school to the early years of higher education, final year of college to campus to the early years of career, occupational training, independent living or social opportunities. Therefore, it goes without saying that this transition stage requires special attention to ensure that the person acquires the correct and necessary skills to integrate seamlessly into corporate culture and climate.

For an individual, starting to work as a fresher in an organization is a unique and critically important phase that needs a special perspective and strategy for the initial stages as it will have a major impact on aspects like salary, advancement, job satisfaction, and ability to have cordial relationships within the organization as well as on one’s own feelings of success, accountability and commitment to the job.

The biggest challenge while transitioning from campus to corporate is that one has to develop the self confidence that they have the ability to perform the job assigned to them, to demonstrate that ability to learn and perform more to the satisfaction of your employers.  The better you perform, the better chance of creating a space in the team as a contributing member.

Getting oneself ready to bridge the gap between the campus and corporate smoothly, requires a lot of effort and hard work. As a new graduate enters the work arena, he/she is exposed to many career choices and carefully selecting a career will help them to stay motivated and remain a star performer throughout their career. Possessing better soft skills, the required technical skills, effective communication skills and a winning resume will help them to face the interview with courage and confidence. Making a first impression is an effective contributor and will make the process of transition easier. Mannerism, behavior, the way one dresses, the way one carries himself/herself are some of the personality traits that set the tone for future success from the part of the employer.

Today’s competitive market the above factors are very much required to get the job, not only helps in securing a job, but also helps to build strong employability -a necessary attribute to be successful in the selected occupation that aids in developing one’s individuality.

Getting ready for transition from Campus 2 Corporate.

Campus 2 corporate creates a sense of excitement about forthcoming experiences mixed with new challenges to face and huge obstacles to overcome when one starts climbing up in the career ladder. Making a successful transition from campus to corporate is the most exciting and phenomenal step in one’s life and that should be handled with utmost care.

As new graduates entering the workplace, your career path will be coloured by many different careers, hence the need to develop your individual ability, strengthening your employability. Entering the world of work for the first time is a far greater challenge and one has to equip to get in to grips with its new realities, all of which call for graduates to display accountability, professionalism and credibility.

Tips to succeed during the initial period of transition:

 Punctuality is very mandatory. It is better to arrive at work on time. Strictly follow the rules and regulations of the corporate.

  1. Listen, observe and give attention to every minor detail before jumping to any conclusions.
  2. Stay away from internal politics and gossip. It is better to observe the happenings around us and not contribute to it.
  3. Follow professional ethics by imparting values and manners. For instance, one’s friend’s room may be okay with him, but barging into the employer’s room is not acceptable. Use simple magic words like ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’.
  4. Be a learner always to learn what you need to know. Find a mentor to guide in the career path.
  5. Always stick to deadlines. Complete the assignments before time so that one will have time to make changes if required.
  6. Pay keen attention to corporate culture to learn how things work within the organization.

The challenges in the early months can be overcome by courage and  by using a few specific strategies presented above to allow one to establish oneself as a bright, capable, and valuable employee  earning the respect of the colleagues and superior.

The strategies one needs to follow:

  1. Develop the right attitudes: Developing the right attitude motivates one to be optimistic and helps the person to face career challenges as there is a connection between the attitude one has today and the success one would get tomorrow.
  2. Limit the expectations: Try not to have over expectations regarding the job profile, remuneration and other responsibilities. Limiting the expectations can make a difference between success and failure of a career.
  3. Make a good first impression: Create a best impression by exhibiting the traits of dedication and accountability in the course of work.
  4. Build cordial relationships: It is very important to have empathetic and intuitive understanding to build cordial relationships with superiors and other employees.
  5. Be a good follower: Initially one should be a good team player by adhering to the rules and regulations and be a good follower.
  6. Explore the organization’s culture: Each organization will have a unique and exclusive culture for itself. Understanding the culture and people associated with the corporate entity will help one to function within its parameters.
  7. Develop work savvy: Understanding the job profile will help build and master the skills and knowledge necessary for that particular job.
  8. Build up organizational savvy: This would help a person to connect himself easily with the organization by observing what the other employees do, say, and how they act. One can acclimate to the new organization’s setup which will aid in becoming an important part of their team
  9. Exhibit Professionalism: Develop the ability to stay focused and emotionally stable irrespective of the issue or however stressful the situation may turn out to be.

Managing work stress

 If an employee wants to survive in the corporate scenario, he should be able to maintain work life balance in order to prevent a burnout, something that is not common in the campus life, in order to do this, one should have a sound psychological and physical health. Campus life and corporate life are fundamentally different and the domain expertise and knowledge acquired will be very essential to succeed in one’s career but the procedure to be successful in campus is very different from the procedure to be successful at work. If one continues to have same expectations from his employer as he/she had from the professors in the campus, one will be highly disappointed and damage the career success as the culture of education is so different from the organizational culture.


In college life, students receive lot of directions regarding their course as what to choose or how to complete a particular task, but in a corporate atmosphere it is rarely possible to have a structured curriculum. In order to build a strong foundation, first-year employees should be aware of the following tips:

  1. Try to learn everything about the corporate functioning including the annual reports, the organizational charts, monitor the working style of the company like what the company does and how they do it.
  2. Clarify your doubts by asking questions and also listen a lot about the organizational structure, technical issues and the work culture.
  3. One can improve his performance by seeking feedback from his managers/ colleagues, who can provide suggestion and help the person to function more efficiently as corporates always appreciate hard work.
  4. To become a better human being, always seek ways to educate oneself by developing both professional and personal skills. Having fun and laughter at workplace will help one to rejuvenate and avoid getting wrapped in workplace politics.

As a newcomer one needs to look at his/her career as a great challenge. From the beginning of the career look forward to learning new things and building the bridge between technical skills and soft skills; one needs to stay connected to the people and the organization. For a debut, display of accountability, professionalism and credibility helps one to face the challenges in the corporate world.

The exciting and phenomenal phase in one’s life from Campus to Corporate should be given its due importance and should be handled with utmost care.


Instructor lead training with a mix of simulated games and multimedia-based activities, mock interviews, corporate internships, GDs and role play, session Flow as below:

  • Communicative English, Debates/Discussions/Listening skills etc
  • Speech -Prepared/Extempore/Public speaking/Spontaneity/presentation
  • Getting ready for the Campus Placement drive
  • Handling Tests – Tips and Tricks
  • Aptitude Tests and Group Discussions – Do’s and Don’ts
  • Interview Success – Handling the curve
  • Career Guidance – Getting the apt fit
  • Resume Writing,learn to draft a winning resume
  • Wear the Corporate Hat – Meeting the corporate expectations
  • Student Take-Aways
  • Become aware of the ground work to be done prior to the interview. Starting from information mining, grooming to folder management.
  • Become aware of different test methods and learn to successfully handle it.
  • Learn the tricks to face and win the crowd elimination rounds such as group discussion and aptitude test.
  • Familiarize with the nuances of interview and learn to succeed in interviews with higher level of confidence
  • Obtain career guidance by understanding one’s own abilities in par with competencies expected by the job market
  • Understand what corporates expect in terms of etiquette, communication, team work and work ethics.
  • Academic finishing – where /what you are in your core subject
  • Time management / Study schedule/Routine habits
  • Why withdrawal / What’s is holding you back
  • Problem solving/ Critical thinking/ Thinking in English/ Speaking Fluency
  • Table manners/Posture/ Outfit Special occasion/ Formal Casual/ Body language.

Take home:

Overcome inhibitions and fears, moving through the process of creating an attention, grabbing resource all the way to successful employment equipped with right tools for continued professional/career growth through the effective and powerful transition from Campus to Corporates {C 2 C}.