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United Kingdom

Study in the United Kingdom 

The U.K. has some of the world’s top universities with courses of different interests and degrees for students to choose from and their academic qualifications are internationally recognized. It is also an important educational hub in the world. And most UK honors degree is three years ( four years in Scotland ) , most of the master’s degree can be completed year by year, more than saving money and time. Therefore, the UK attracts many students every year to study abroad, and international students can study at top universities to enhance their individual competitiveness.

Britain The British Isles, located in the northwest of the European continent, are surrounded by the North Sea, the English Channel, the Celtic Sea, the Irish Sea and the Atlantic and are united by four nations, including England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, with a population of about 6,300 Wan . Because Britain has English as its main language and its language is easy to communicate, people from all over the world are attracted to travel to Britain .

England, the climate is temperate but rainy throughout the year . The weather in the east and west will not be too cold in winter, but the winds are more frequent . The summer is cool . The UK has similar seasons to Hong Kong and China, with March to May being spring and June to August being summer, September to November being autumn and December to February being winter . Four seasons in the UK are rarely below -11 ° c and above 35 ° c . The average spring temperature is 3 ° c-9 ° c, the average summer temperature is 9 ° c-17 ° c, the average autumn temperature is 8 – 10 ° c, the winter temperature can be as low as 3 ° c-7 ° c, Some areas will snow in February.

Britain spent seven hours slower than Hong Kong and China on daylight saving time (the last Sunday of March to the last Saturday of October), and 8 hours slower than Hong Kong and China in winter time (the last Sunday in October to the last Saturday in March) .

Britain is a society of freedom and the rule of law. As long as everything is done according to law, everyone can enjoy the right of freedom . At the same time, Britain has considerable respect for tradition, rich historical and cultural resources and profound humanistic tradition. It is also one of the advantages of studying in the United Kingdom. Therefore, foreign students can see many monuments and traditional cultural relics in the United Kingdom. They can also feel the rich artistic atmosphere and delicate British  Life culture .

The direction of travel in the United Kingdom is with  ‘left-hand system’ and the right-hand traffic. Its transportation system is perfect and the equipment is good . Subway can only be found in London, the subway can be found in the subway map to facilitate students to reach all parts of London . Buses are found in every English city, with easy access to all parts of the city and signs at the station . The train can help foreign students from one city to another city, cheap and fast security .

Most schools in the UK have school dormitories. When admitted, the institutions will introduce various types of dormitories.

Most host families are very enthusiastic. The host will also teach students authentic grammar and pronunciation in everyday life. This will help them improve their English while enjoying real British family life. Students have their own room.

When students are accustomed to British culture, they also have the option of renting out their own home. Sharing  with other students is also a popular accommodation option. Students can find accommodation to be rented from the school’s accommodation office, library, bulletin board and local newspapers List or advertisement. You can also find suitable housing through your school’s student union or relatives and friends in the UK.

The UK education system is divided into three sections: 6 years of primary school (grades 1 to 6), 7 years of secondary school (grades 7 to 13) and 3 years of general degree programs.

 Overseas students enrolled in the UK for six months or more enjoy the National Health Services (NHS) service. Students arriving in the UK may bring their passports and documents issued by the university to the health center near the school.

According to the new rules of the British Customs, all meat or meat-containing products, namely cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry, wildlife, meat-containing noodles (also including instant noodles), sausage, bacon, beef jerky, dried pork, Floss, cakes containing meat or lard, soups containing meat, whether fresh, dried, marinated, cooked, refrigerated, powdered, canned or vacuum packed are prohibited. Seafood and fresh products are also prohibited from entering.

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